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The School of Automotive Studies of the Tongji University has maintained a close relationship with the University of Stuttgart in Germany in long term. The two parties have initiated the annually event “Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposium on Automotive and powertrain Technology (SSS)” to strengthen mutual cooperation and promote academic exchange. SSS is aiming to be one of most important Automotive Symposiums Connecting Science and Industrial Development in China. The 6th edition of symposium will be held on 1-2 December 2022 in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center.

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February 2022

演讲主题 Speech Topic Digital Transformation Towards The Future 数字宝马——引领未来豪华出行 演讲嘉宾 Speaker Dr. Christian Salzmann 申科远 博士 Senior Vice President, BMW R&D China 宝马中国研发中心高级副总裁 Dr. Salzmann received his master’s degree in computer science from Karlsruher Institute of Technology in 1997. Thereafter he accomplished the doctor diploma in Computer Science

演讲主题 Speech Topic How Do Vehicle Attributes Change in Future Cars? 未来汽车的车辆属性如何变化? 演讲嘉宾 Speaker Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wagner Chair of Automotive Engineering at the University of Stuttgart and Chairman of the Board of Management at FKFS 斯图加特大学汽车工程学院主任、FKFS(斯图加特汽车工程与车辆发动机研究所)管理委员会主席 1994 – 2000 Scientific Education 科学学科教育 University Ulm: Vehicle Dynamics |